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Talk Time in title

Express Talk (formerly Express Talk VoIP Softphone) Internet phone to make calls using your PC
Size: 684 KB
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Talk-Over A DSP plug-in that lowers the volume when you talk through the microphone
Size: 373 KB
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plug-in WMP microphone winamp DSP plug-in  
I/Talk Talk to other I/Talk users anywhere in the world for free and use it as an answering machine.
Size: 324K
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digital talk talk Talk And Write LAN talk net talk  
Talk To Me This Yahoo widget speaks the text you input
Size: 61.94K
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voice speech talk audio widget digital voice entered One app for all your Chats & SMS. Free chat across Facebook, Google, and more.
Size: 27740192
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SMS sender message instant messaging chat Facebook Chat  
Time Tracker Lite (Free Edition) - Time Managment Software Time Tracker is an software utility that you help you managing your precious time. The basic thing one comes to know after using this software is better TIME-MANAGEMENT.
Size: 5000K
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Time Management Time Tracker tracker software  

Talk Time in tags

Talking Clock Software that tells time every 15 minutes
Size: 2.92MB
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clock Alarm Clock analog talk time speak Timer  
Fun Talk An application that lets you translate English text to 7 funny languages
Size: 1.7 MB
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Translator translate digital talk talk Talk And Write  
Talk Extra Talk Extra allows you to talk to friends and family in a free and safe environment. Talk Extra now has a new design and a new set of icons. If you donĀ“t know what the buttons do, Tool tips now provide
Size: 2.56 MB
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digital talk talk Talk And Write LAN talk net talk  
IM Agent An advanced FTP client wich is intergrated with Telnet and DiV Talk (special chat feature). Some of the features include: many FTP, Telnet & DiV Talk sessions open at the same time, QuickConnect and r
Size: 270K
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digital talk talk Talk And Write telnet FTP feature AOL IM  
Express Talk Free VoIP Softphone Make calls over the internet directly from your PC.
Size: 656456
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digital talk talk VoIP Talk And Write Reporter Express  
Express Talk Softphone for Pocket PC Express Talk is software that works like a telephone to let you make calls on your Pocket PC. With Express Talk you can call anyone on the internet who has installed Express Talk (or any other SIP voi
Size: 1.26 MB
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digital talk talk Talk And Write Reporter Express LAN talk  

Talk Time in description

TalkForce This program lets the user surf different channels and speak to multiple Talk Force users at the same Time (conferencing). Talk Force has no user login, anonymous identity or optionally enter your use...
Size: 1.78M
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people chat  
Auto-Talk Auto-Talk is a great program with the help of which you can teach your bird to talk, or to keep your pets calm while you are away. Your computer can talk to your animals for you all day, and provide t...
Size: 1.00 MB
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talk pet  
Talk 2Desktop What is [b]Talk 2Desktop[/b]? Talk to your desktop and it shall obey! [b]Talk 2Desktop[/b] enables you to control your PC using your own voice. An animated Cartoon character will provide feedback and...
Size: 11.09MB
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net talk samsung pc suite bluetooth software for  
Talker You have nobody to Talk? Talk with the computer! [b]Talker[/b] is a simple and small comic program for those who likes to talk. If you want to use it you need to register! This software is very easy ...
Size: 350 KB
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chat tool chat LAN chat software comic comic application  
SGOOPE With SGOOPE you can get free Talk time on every call With SGOOPE you can get free talk time on every call (land line, mobile and foreign countries). Furthermore you earn additional talk time when you ...
Size: 11.1 MB
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Talk Time free talk time  
Talk Radio Tour time zone (6:00 PM to 8:00 AM PST). [b]Requirements:[/b] Windows 98 [b]What's New[/b] in This Release: This is a new installment of Talk Radio Tour
Size: 230.20 KB
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online radio radio online digital talk talk broadcast